SAR Academic Freedom Media Review, March 31-April 6, 2012

The Scholars at Risk media review seeks to raise awareness about academic freedom issues in the news. Subscription information and archived media reviews are available here. The views and opinions expressed in these articles are not necessarily those of Scholars at Risk.


Faculty union launches bid to shield Attaran
Andrew Duffy, Ottawa Citizen, 4/6

A Call to Respect Rights
Mitch Smith, Inside Higher Ed, 4/6

Don’t Touch My Textbook
Mitch Smith, Inside Higher Ed, 4/6

Amnesty International Urges Sudan to Release Student Activist
Salma El Wardany, Bloomberg Businessweek, 4/6

Ai Weiwei Ordered to Stop Self-Surveillance
Josh Chi, The Wall Street Journal, 4/5

Tragedy of Darfuris Comes to Khartoum
Girifna, 4/4

Student Protest and Pepper Spray at Santa Monica College
Inside Higher Ed, 4/4

Tunisia: Protecting free expression and free information in new constitution
Article 19, 4/4

US integrity effort hits troubled water
Eugenie Samuel Reich, Nature, 4/3

Facebook posts lead to arrests of journalists in West Bank
Noah Browning, MSNBC, 4/3

York University’s $60 million deal with Jim Balsillie’s think tank cancelled over lack of faculty support
Louise Brown, Toronto Star, 4/2

Mubarak-era campus election rules divide students
Ashraf Khaled, University World News, 4/1

Guerrillas ‘infiltrate’ Colombian universities
University World News, 4/1

Academic responsibility
Tanvir Ahmad Khan, The Express Tribune, 4/1

Civil society demands inquest into student’s death, more academic freedom
University World News, 3/30

New SAIH-report on violence against teachers and students in Zimbabwe
SAIH, 3/22

Azerbaijani Authorities Continue to Pressure Intellectuals, Stifle Freedoms
Freedom House