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This is the place into which I channel thoughts about various things that I find interesting, whether it is about books, technology, current events, music, movies, pop culture, the Maghreb, the Middle East, social implications of new media, pedagogy, politics, public relations, the occasional philosophical musing, or a rant on a pet peeve. They’re generally fresh and immediate reactions, perhaps even a bit raw.

The main reason this blog exists, is that I have this need to speak out and share things. I have a lot of ways of doing so, as you can see on my web site, and yet I felt I wanted yet another. This is for those things that warrant more than a tweet or status update, but less than an essay or presentation. So I knock off a blog entry. I am just arrogant enough to believe that someone, somewhere, might be interested enough to read these things, maybe even comment and start a dialogue. I read all my comments and I usually respond to them.

As I mentioned, I draft these entries quickly, so they’re not my best writing.  It is a personal blog, sometimes written late at night, sometimes in an overflow of emotion.  I may be annoyed by a politician or public figure who has intentionally misrepresented the facts; amazed by a piece of music, a movie, or and act of generosity; excited by a new discovery or opportunity; or melancholy thinking of distant or departed loved ones.  No matter what the emotion, it’s likely my thoughts are moving faster than my poor beat up arm and wrist can type.

I have no editor except myself and like most people who try to edit their own writing immediately after writing it, I have a tendency to read what I think I typed rather than was I actually typed.  After all, I know what I was trying to say.

So strange things are likely to happen in this blog.  Spell check will make automatic corrections and I’ll end up with sentences bearing no relation to what I meant.  And they’ll sometimes run on forever.  But the malapropisms are the best.  And to think, I’ve earned good money as an editor!

The fact is, I’m damn good at finding your typos and awkward writing, because I don’t know what you were trying to say and have only the page before me.  Not true with my own writing, except when I read it after a delay.  In fact,  I am editing this page today, October 23,2011, after many months and still finding a number of typos!

If you’re confused by anything you read and want clarification, or find an embarrassing typo, please let me know.  I’m also interested in your thoughts on anything I write, whether you agree or disagree with my point of view.  Praise and adulation are amazing, but criticism is appreciated too.  There is nothing less satisfying for a writer  than indifference.

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