Bikes in Massachusetts (Mostly Cambridge) & Northern Virginia

I’m not sure why I am so interested in taking pictures of bicycles.  Maybe it is because I really enjoy bicycling, but don’t get to do it enough.  For whatever reason, when I pass ones that that is interesting or aesthetically pleasing during the course of my day, I take pictures.

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On the Wellesley Trails Again

The nail that ended my ride!

The nail that ended my ride!

Today I went for another bike ride on the Wellesley Trails, only this time it didn’t go so well.  I got through about 5.5 miles on the Aqueduct Trail, then to the Fuller Brook Trail.  They are doing a lot of work on that trail.  When I got to the Senior High/Hunnewell Field Area, I took a turn onto a closed trail.  Then I ran over the nail in the image to the right.

I didn’t realize it right away.  The trail is partially closed, but there’s no warning when you approach the closure.  I got to a gate, then turned around, just as a couple of runners came down the same path, so I wasn’t the only one who didn’t know about the closure.

When I started riding again, I heard a clanking as my wheels turned.  I stopped and this was sticking out of my back tire.  I pulled it out but the tire was already flat .

So my ride became a walk back home, but fortunately it was only about 2 miles.  Here’s a gallery.

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Biking the Trails of Wellesley

I went on a long bike ride today, mostly on the Wellesley Trails.  The system is brilliant, containing more than 25 miles of trails that pass some beautiful historic homes, lovely lakes, and the Charles River.  Today I biked along the Aqueduct Trail which I’ve not done before, at least not for any substantial distance.  It runs along the Sudbury Aqueduct, a historic landmark, though I spent time on several of Wellesley’s trails.  Click here to see the map of my route.

Below are a few photos I took on my ride.

Day One: The Life is Good Festival

Today was the first day of the Life is good Festival, and it was a lot of fun. Life is Good founders Bert and John Jacobs announced from the stage that the festival had exceeded last year’s totals and is close to reaching the goal of $1 million to help children in crisis. But close isn’t good enough. Perhaps you can help with a donation? You can learn more about the cause and make a donation on this page. You can also just come out to the festival!

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Life is Good Festival, Day One

Today was the first day of the the Life is Good Festival in the Blue Hills in Canton, MA.

The festival is a two-day celebration of music and optimism, featuring three stages of diverse live music, hands-on games, interactive arts activities and the “Good Kids” zone — home to the top acts in kids entertainment. The Life is Good Festival is a unique music event that every age group can enjoy.

100% of Life is Good’s profits from the Festival will go towards The Life is good Kids Foundation, helping kids overcome life-threatening challenges such as violence, illness and extreme poverty.

It was a great line up today. I really enjoyed Ozomatli, Mavis Staples and Ben Harper. I liked Dr. Dog, too. But I didn’t get to hear as much of it as I would have liked as I was working as a volunteer and had to get back to the Bocce station!

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Lessons Learned on a Dusk Ride

South Natick

Here’s my ride from today. I was gone about 50 minutes by I took a nice long break just to sit and think in front of the dam in South Natick. I love that spot.

I took this ride on impulse around 6:30 as it was getting dark. Thanks to my contemplative rest, I was out long enough for dusk to start settling in. So I made a few mental notes:
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Help Support the Life is Good Foundation

I’m in the midst of fundraising for the Life is Good Kids Foundation. I must admit that my reasons for embarking on this venture were selfish. I’m going to the Life is Good Festival down the road a bit in Canton, and you get some special privileges if you raise a certain amounts. But having started on the project, I did some research into the foundation, and I’ve realized what a good cause it is. My enthusiasm is great, independent of the concert.

The Life is good Kids Foundation is an action-oriented nonprofit, committed to helping young children overcome life-threatening challenges such as extreme poverty, violence, illness and natural disasters. Our Playmakers Initiative provides training, resources and support to the adults dedicated to caring for these children so that all involved lead healthier, more joyful lives.

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Only 14 Miles Today! Any Suggestions on a Different Tool?

This is a ride I have done before, but I’m off my stride. Only 14 miles and it took over an hour! Guess yesterday’s ride wore me out.

So it was a long time ago that I reviews GPS apps for cycling and not being happy with MapMy Ride, I need a new one. Any ideas? I’d love any advice I can get!