Reasonable Gun Laws Do Not Threaten 2nd Amendment Rights


Emotional testimony v. Cold hard facts!

I believe in the importance of the Constitution with it’s Bill of Rights to the proper functioning of our democracy. I also believe Second Amendment. Without a new amendment directly annulling it being being ratified, the government cannot take away the guns of law abiding citizens.

On the other hand, I do not believe that reasonable legislation intended to keep criminals from getting and using guns to commit crimes or to keep innocent civilians, particularly children, from being killed by guns necessarily infringes on 2nd Amendment rights.

Most of all, I believe facts are facts, and that looking beyond the biased, skewed rhetoric of entrenched sides to the actual facts, we may stand a much better chance of coming up with good policy on the matter. That is clearly illustrated in the graphic at the top of this post that appeared on a friend’s Facebook page today.  There was an emotional assertion made as a hearing that is contradictory to the facts.  The emotional assertion was repeated a lot in the media.  I didn’t hear it challenged until at least the next day. Continue reading

Cars, Guns and Congress

Deaths involving motor vehicles of any sort in 2006: 42,708
(includes pedestrians, cyclists hit by vehicles and all sorts of vehicles)
Civilian deaths involving guns in 2006: 30,896
(includes murders, suicides, accidents, etc.)

Gun owners love to point to statistics like these and say, “See, cars kill more people than guns, yet you don’t talk about taking away people’s cars.” Groups like the NRA would have us believe that everyone who ever suggests any kind of handgun regulation, even the most minor and sensible, has the ultimate goal of taking away all guns so that the citizenry is weak and unarmed and the government can impose a militaristic police state. Every gun law is a step down a slippery slope.
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