CSM Columnist Argues Our Flag is Not a Prop

The Flag of the United States of America

The Flag of the United States of America

This is such a good piece about the symbolism of our national flag. Like the columnist, it has pretty much gotten to the point that if I see a flag displayed too prominently on an email or on a web page, I assume that the accompanying message is likely to be insulting and full of unsupported, reckless claims and attacks on the duly elected President of the United States.

How did the flag become this? It should be a symbol of our national unity, not a cudgel we use to beat those who don’t agree with us.

But Amy Hardin Turosak says it so much better than I in her piece “Our Flag is Not a Prop” for the Christian Science Monitor. It’s pithy, concise and to the point. She argues:

The flag must not be used as a point of argument but as a symbol of the solidarity that binds the diversity of our nation.

But, if you protest, you have a responsibility to protest based on fact. This is not a university football game. This is the future of our country.

This Land Is Your Land – Ryan Bingham from Ryan Hargrave on Vimeo.

I’m Not Ignoring You, I Swear!

If you are a friend, family member or colleague who is reading this, and you are annoyed with or concerned about me because I have not responded to an email you sent at some point in the past month or so, please accept my apologies and don’t worry.

The spam filter I have installed on my computer, or rather HAD installed on my computer, seems to have gone berserk! I looked in the spam box today and found message from my colleagues, family and friends. It seems to have been totally arbitrary. This program, Intego Personal Antispam X5 for the record, has many of the standard filters. It can be configures to block mail from certain addresses, sent to certain addresses, on a blacklist of known spammers, on my personal blacklist, mail containing containing certain words, certain URLs, or displaying certain characteristics of spam.

But I had changed nothing in the configuration and yet it suddenly began filtering out mail from lists I subscribe to, colleagues who write me often, email reminders from iCal, etc. What confuses me is that is was selective. An email sent at 2:00 pm from my good friend jsmith@randomemail.com might have reached me, but John Smith’s email sent at 3:05 might not have. What happened in that hour and five minutes?

Even more frustratingly, it let HUGE amounts of spam through, when it had been quite good at catching it before. Go figure! Anyway, it’s gone now and it I missed your message because it was marked as spam, I’ll probably find it now.

Anyway, Personal Antispam is disabled, so if I missed your message, hopefully I’d find it now.