What’s Wrong with Arizona?

It’s refreshing to see the media doing their job from time to time.  Notice how carefully Arizona State Representative Cecil Ash avoids saying that he believes President Obama was born in the United States of that the President’s birth certificate is legitimate, and how Anderson Cooper presses him to clearly define his position, without being unnecessarily rude or confrontational.

Media Transformations

Here’s an interesting graphic showing the transition from print to online media.
Online VS Traditional News
What generates concern, however, is that online news outlets are rarely backed up by significant new gathering organizations or operations capable of conducting journalistic investigations. They have tended to rely on the news gathering operations of print newspapers, the news syndicates and major media. d

Now ABC News has announced major cuts in its newsroom.

ABC News will sharply reduce its news-gathering staff through buyouts and possible layoffs, the company said on Tuesday. ABC employees said they expected the cutbacks would affect 300 to 400 people, or roughly 25 percent of the news division’s work force.

The cuts at ABC, a unit of the Walt Disney Company, are among the steepest ever made at a network news division. A spokesman said ABC News currently employed roughly 1,500 people.

In a memorandum to staff members, the ABC News president David Westin called the cutbacks a “fundamental transformation” for the division that would result in a leaner, smaller organization. “The time has come to rethink how we do what we are doing,” he wrote.

Let’s hope this isn’t a harbinger of things to come.

The Coolest Sport in the Winter Olympics?

Have you seen the Google logo on their search page yet?  For tiny percentage of the public that doesn’t use Google as a search engine, Google periodically alters its logo to mark holidays or commemorate certain events, etc.  There’s a gallery in their site.  Today the two instances of the letter “o” are transformed into curling stones.  If you don’t know what curling stones are, where have you been?  It is only the coolest sport in the Winter Olympics!

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The Saints Go Marching In / Counting Viewers v. TVs

Team Logo

Last nights Super Bowl victory of the New Orleans Saints over the Indianapolis Colts was watched by more people than “any scheduled program in U.S. TV history,” topping the 1983 finale of M*A*S*H, the previous record holder, according to an article by Dave Walker in The Times-Picayune. I’m not surprised. This article lists a number of reasons, all of which came into play, I’m sure.
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