My Top Ten Tweets of the Last Seven Days

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Here are my top 10 Tweets that contain links shortened using during the past 7 days. How many typos can you spot? I really need to proof better before hitting send.

I didn’t post often this week, and yet the hit count was high. Perhaps because the disaster in Haiti increased twitter use overall. Indeed, the tweet with the highest number of hits was to a video of Pat Robertson idiotically attributing the earthquake in Haiti to a Haitian deal with the devil to break free from colonialism.  I’ve said elsewhere that this shows heartless he is, but the more I think about it the more it really shows how stupid he is.

The fact that the increased total number of hits on my tweets is due to interest in Haiti is also supported by the fact that the second, third in fourth most popular tweets are separated from this one by a meaningful margin, and are very closely bunched with one another.  They are links to a story about the death of Teddy Pendergrass, a call for sessions in the NITLE Tools for Teaching in the Global Age series, and a story about VoIP in the UAE.  On the other hand, other tweets about Haiti are in the next eight.

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TweetDeck for iPhone Now the Matches Standards of the Desktop App

TweetDeck for IphoneIf you are a contented user of TweetDeck who, like me,  got excited when the iPhone app came out a while back, you probably also like me, found yourself wondering what the iPhone app the desktop app had to do with one another besides branding.  They had the same color scheme and logo, but aside from that there were at least half a dozen Twitter apps for iPhone that were as good or better when it came to interacting with twitter.  There’s a lot of competition in that area.  And TweetDeck for iPhone didn’t interface with Facebook either.  That  was one of the best things about the desktop app.

But now there is a new version.  I’d written the iPhone version of TweetDeck off and was waiting for Seesmic to launch their iPhone app, but I was told I should try it, I did, and it has much more in common with the desktop app than just branding.  Just check out the web page for the app and all the features marked with “new” tags.  You’ll see what I mean.

Oh, and I should also mention that in TweetDeck on the iPhone you can update your status using Arabic script or any other alphabet with characters that still don’t display when used in the desktop app.

Two Funny Things From

I love  It’s been a long time since I’ve been in college, but it cracks me up.  I’m not sure how in touch with college kids it is, though.  I mean, how many 18-22 year olds know the music from West Side Story.  Anyway, here are two clips from the site I’ve particularly enjoyed.  There not new, both from the summer.  But they were brought up today, I looked at them again, and wanted to share.

Web Site Story

Googling With Bing
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Arabic Twitter App and Creative Commons Channel Reported by ArabCrunch

Kzalek Logo

Kzalek Logo

I just read a post on ArabCrunch about a Twitter Desktop app called Kzalek that displays Arabic correctly. This is big news.

I’m of the opinion that Twitter is really close to useless without an app or client, either on a portable device or on your desktop, to help sort through and manage tweets. And the more people begin to use twitter, the more necessary a tool becomes. For the most part, though, these tools could not display Arabic correctly. They either displayed the characters a disjointed when they need to be connected, or they didn’t display them at all. Kzalek does that. It’s a bit clunky and not as attractive as TweetDeck or Seesmic, nor does it allow you to post to other sites at the same time, but it works and it is only a beta version. A breakthrough one, at that.

Read more here.

ArabCrunch also reported today that Jeeran is launching a Creative Commons channel (CC) that aims to spread Open Source culture in the Arab world.

(It) will have blog posts and media materials in how to use CC in creative work, plus a focus on Aljajzeera CC work and the latest clips from Aljazeera under CC., launched in 2000, is a social networking platform developed to serve the Arab world.

Jeeran CC Channel Logo

Jeeran CC Channel Logo

Read more at ArabCrunch.

Help #beatcancer in our lifetime!

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Was It Good for You? Let Me Check Your Facebook Page

The text below provides some statistics about “gadget-savvy online individuals” under the age of 35 surveyed on behalf of the website  The first percentage is shocking, the second frightening, the third not a bit surprising and the last, well, what’s the big deal?

The younger crowd is also quite keen on tweeting, texting, and checking Facebook after sex (36%), while driving (40%), while at work (64%), and when on vacation (65%).

via Young Social Mediaphiles: 36% Tweet and Check Facebook After Sex.

It isn’t so much the numbers themselves that are surprising.  The survey is, after all, a survey of gadget-savvy people,  so one would expect the numbers to be higher than they might in the general population.  So that 64% of respondents use these tools at work or on vacation seems reasonable.  In fact, it surprises me the number isn’t higher.

Tweeting, texting and Facebook?  That’s a lot of tools.  Increasingly people use one or more of those tools for work.  As for using them on vacation, they are called social networking tools, and socially is how most people started using them.  It is their use for business and professional purposes that is new.  So why wouldn’t they be used on vacation.   I like to be unplugged on vacation sometimes, but that’s because I work online.  Many people are thrilled by the possibility of posting their vacation snapshots while on vacation.  And , if family members went off to do different things during the day of a family vacation, it can be awfully handy to text them if you want to change the meeting place for dinner.

It’s the social networking after sex thing that boggles the mind.  Exactly what message does one post after sex?  Does one provide comments or ratings of the experience?  Or maybe the texting is just a substitute for the post-coital cigarette–something to do with the hands?  The group with this high percentage is under age 35.  Maybe some of the respondents are too young to drive, so they are texting someone for a ride?  I wonder what percentage post or text during?

That leaves only the driving to talk about.  Tell me more please.  Where were those numbers highest?  Certain states?  Cities?  Do they drive more at certain times of the day?  Do they use highways or byways more?  Tell me all you can.  ‘Cause I want to do all I can to be OFF THE ROAD whenever and wherever they are!

Survey Results on a Chart

Survey Results on a Chart

NB: This entry has bee corrected in response to the comment below. (10/13/2009)

“Raising Pell” Week of Action

Below is a message from the United States Student Association. Raising Pell grants is a goal I support. Anything that will help tomorrow’s students graduate with less of a debt burden than most of my friends and I. Join the week of action is you agree.

“Raising Pell” Week of Action starts TODAY! Join thousands of students across the country in demanding Student Aid Reform NOW!

Take Action throughout the week!


– Message your Senator through Twitter: Visit the Raising Pell website at, select your state, and tell your Senator you want student aid reform NOW!

– Change your Twitter status to “Join the Nat’l Mvmnt to “Raise Pell!” Amplify your voice & demand affordable higher ed. Visit to get involved! Pls Retweet! #SAFRA

– Change your Facebook status to: “TODAY from [enter time] at the [enter location], students will be demanding affordable higher education for all! Join the National Movement to “Raise Pell!” by calling your Senator and demanding Student Aid Reform Now! Find out more at

– Download the Raising Pell! Image from the USSA website and set it as your Facebook and Twitter picture.

– Send in letters to the Editor and Opinion/Editorials to your newspaper! For tips and samples, visit

Tuesday is only the beginning! On Wednesday and Thursday we’ll continue amplifying the student voice with calls and faxes to the Senate! Let’s show Congress the power of students AND DEMAND STUDENT AID REFORM NOW!

– U.S. Student Association

Man Arrested for Reporting Police Movements via Twitter

Somehow it seems a violation of free speech to lock a man up for simply reporting something he observes, yet that is what happened in Pittsburgh according to this article in the Huffington Post.

A self-described New York City anarchist has been accused of tweeting the location of police officers to protesters trying to evade them during the Group of 20 economic summit in Pittsburgh.

Pennsylvania State Police arrested Elliot Madison alleging he used Twitter to direct the movement of protesters and inform them about law enforcement actions at last month’s summit.

More of the article is here.

The charge is hindering prosecution. But is it hindering prosecution simply to report, which is ultimately all that was done?